We love makeup.


We love makeup, and artists. Anything can be done with paint, and if you don't believe it yet, just wait until you attend a workshop. Our instructors are the best the industry have to offer with emerging and influential talent sculpting the future of beauty, film, television, and business.


Upcoming Instructors


Allie Smith

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Freelance Makeup Artist


Recent Instructors

Stella Sensel

Freelance Makeup Artist

Aleetha Clanton

Freelance Hair Stylist


Stella Sensel is a NYC based makeup artist specializing in Special Effects Make-Up: including application, design, sculpture, molding, formulation of foam latex, silicone, gelatin, and pros-aide transfers. She is also quite proficient on Beauty and Natural make-up application for film, HD television, print photography, and commercial. The thing she loves most about makeup is the way it can completely transform a person in to someone or something else. 

Stella began her career in NYU's undergrad drama program where she was able to flourish in many areas as an actor, costume designer, and makeup artist. Stella decided to concentrate all her efforts on makeup and freelances full time. She continues to explore transformations through makeup working in film, video, theater and special projects.

Aleetha Clanton is a freelance hair stylist, makeup artist, and beauty educator with a strong business background in Finance, Television Management, and Mass Communication. Her career and passion for beauty began shortly after receiving her Master's Degree from Drexel University. Before attending cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell, she was self taught and had the natural ability to construct wigs, work with hair extensions, perform intricate braiding styles, and the ability to create geometric shapes with hair. She is known to be able to facilitate the normal everyday look as well as her signature avant-garde looks. As for makeup, Aleetha specializes in natural beauty makeup for those clients wanting a more commercial look. She is deeply inspired by architecture, nature, and shapes. Aleetha is one of the fastest growing artists and the most sought after hairstylists in New York City. Some of her clients consist of NBC Universal, Bravo TV, Dove, Macy's, Avon, The NY Post, and Night Walker. She believes that excellent customer service, passion, and creativity are the ingredients to a happy client and a successful career!


Our Team

Ames Amore

Director of Continuing Education


Ames is a New York based Makeup and Body Artist who began her career to create stunning transformations, connect and enrapture her audiences by provoking thought and emotion. The power to transform, whether subtly or magnificently, gives her an amazing sense of freedom. 

Originally a theater major, Ames' professional interests began backstage at her performances where she witnessed characters be brought to life via the addition of makeup, costumes and sets. Her appreciation for theater continues to be evident through her large scale compositions and flare for drama.

An expert with color, understanding of anatomy, and an instinctive ability to enhance ones natural features enables her to deliver clean beauty and exquisite glamour. Her passion for aesthetics, fantasy, and the bizarre allows her to seamlessly book private clients, commercial work, editorial, film, and has made her a regular presence at New York Fashion Week.

Kenneth Llambellis

Retail Store Manager


Kenneth came to Alcone in 2016 and has graciously welcomed customers through our doors ever since. His knowledge and creativity has made our retail store a place for artists to meet, collaborate, and swap product information. 

Jake Aebly

Retail Operations Manager


Is a New York based makeup, hair, and special effects artist. He fell in love with the transformative properties of makeup while earning his BA in Theatre at UW Madison. Jake began his career designing and executing makeups for theatrical productions. After getting a taste of the creative opportunities that awaited him, he quickly progressed from character makeups to executing stunning beauty, fashion, and avant-garde looks. 

A graduate of Make-up Designory, Jake currently works as a makeup artist and Operations Manager for Alcone Professional Makeup Supplies, in addition to freelancing in print, television, film, event & fashion - including New York Fashion Week. He strives to consistently provide his clients with the most professional services, polished results and a distinctly personalized experience. He firmly believes in the power of continuing education, whether it be furthering his own industry knowledge through classes and workshops or keeping his clients up-to-date on the latest trends in skin care, ingredients and application techniques.

Tony Tulve

Creative Director & Events Coordinator


Tony Tulve's viewpoint on beauty is based on indivuality and was shaped by his youth in Tucson, AZ where he was drawn to images of icons including David Bowie, The New York Dolls and Grace Jones. At 18, he joined MAC's team of renowned makeup artists and has gone on to work internationally for various beauty brands and has been a staple for Fashion Week from NYC to Paris. Tony is currently based in New York City and his work is often seen in publcations including Teeth, Nylon and Refinery 29.